lunes, 31 de agosto de 2015

1st Grade English Homeworks Aug 31- Sep 4

Mon Aug31st ;
  Grammar: Illustrate PERSON NOUNS:mother, father, boy, girl, teacher. in grammar notebook
Tues Sept  1st
 Grammar: Answer megaflash book p 4
Wed 2nd
 Reading: Draw, what do you like to do with your family , journey's book p 9
Thurs 3rd
 Grammar: Answer Megaflash book p 5

2nd Grade English Aug 31 Sep 4

Monday 31st
Grammar: Megaflash p. 3

Tuesday 1st

Science: Make a drawing of natural resources: soil, rocks, plants, sunlight, water and air

Wednesday 2nd

Spelling: Repeat 5 times words 6-12

Thursday 3rd

Grammar: Write 5 examples of common nouns and 5 of proper nouns.
Study nouns for grammar quiz.
Friday 4th

3rd Grade English Homeworks Aug 31- Sep4

August 31st – September 4th
3rd Grade

Monday 31st :
Science notebook: Investigate about the
giraffe's ecosystem (the Savanna) and paste
cutouts, illustrations or drawings of the
elements you can find in there that form that
ecosystem  (plants, animals, climate, etc).

Tuesday 1st :
Megaflash: Answer pp. 5
* Remember to use colors for the drawings.

Wednesday 2nd :
Spelling notebook: Write words 1-8 from the
list, five times with drawing.

Thursday 3rd :
Study for Spelling Quiz.

Friday  4th :
No homework.

4th Grade Eglish Homeworks Aug 31- Sep 4

4th Grade Elementary August 31 – Sep. 04, 2015

Monday 31

Spelling: Short vowels vccv
Complete writing the meaning, five times and drawing

Tuesday 01

Spelling: Short vowels vccv
Complete sentence completion exercise with the word list

Wednesday 02

Grammar: Common and Proper Nouns
Divide your page in four and paste three examples of each group of nouns (people, animals, places, things)

Thursday 03

Grammar: Common and Proper Nouns
Answer Mega Flash page 5

Friday 04

Grammar: Abbreviations
Mega Flash book copy yellow square page 13

Have fun!!!!!!

5ft Grade English Homeworks Aug 31- Sep 4

5TH. GRADE ELEMENTARY Aug. 31 - Sept. 4, 2015. Miss Patty O.

Monday 31
SPELLING NOTEBOOK Repeat words 3 times. Write a story with the words
JOURNAL "MY FAMILY" write 10 lines and illustrate.
Tuesday 1
GRAMMAR BOOK Answer p. 4 Mega Flash book
Wednesday 2
READING BOOK & NOTEBOOK Make drawings, write a sentence words to know p 12
Page 40 - answer 1 to 10
Thursday 3
READING BOOK & NOTEBOOK Write a list of the characters, the setting ,time or place of the play.
Friday 4
SCIENCE BOOK &NOTEBOOK Make a drawing of your own robot.

*IMPORTANT: If you do not finish your class work, you have to do it at home as homework. *

6th Grade English Homeworks 31- 4 Sep

6 th Grade English Homeworks
Monday August 31
Make a writing describe how you might feel if you were left out in the wilderness for 5 days.
80-130 words

Tuesday Sep !
Make sentences with the words from the list ed and ing endings

Wednesday Sep 2
Megaflash pages 4-5

Thursday Sep 3
Vocabulary words repeat words 5 times and make a drawing

Friday Sep 4
Make drawings to esxplain science words. seamount, trench, continental slope, continental shelf,
abyssal plain, mild ocean ridges.

domingo, 30 de agosto de 2015

Tareas 1° primaria del 31 de agosto al 4 septiembre


Español: En tu libreta, escribe tu nombre, la letra inicial va con rojo. Escribe y dibuja tres cosas que empiecen con la inicial de tu nombre.
Matemáticas: En tu libreta, haz la secuencia numérica del 1-10 . También une cada gusanito con una hoja.


Español: Contesta la pág. 13 SEP-Español
Matemáticas: En tu libreta, dibuja los puntos que faltan para que cada ficha tenga la misma cantidad de puntos arriba y abajo.  

Español: Cuéntale el cuento de la pág. 8-17  SEP -Lecturas a tus papás. Dile a tus papás que escriban en tu libreta de español, qué les pareció el cuento.  

Español: Escribe en el abate lenguas tu nombre sin apellidos.  
Matemáticas: Contestar pág. 6 de ¡Que divertido!