lunes, 2 de mayo de 2016

1st Grade English Homeworks May 2-6

  Monday 2
Spelling: write list words 5 times and a drawing

  Tuesday  3
 Grammar Illustrate community helpers:  bus driver, doctor, nurse, dentist, teacher, police officer, pilot, firefighter.

  Wednesday 4
 Make a drawing about the story: peter's chair

  Friday 6
Bug club

2nd Grade English Homeworks May 2-6

Homeworks May 2

Miss May Madrigal

2nd Grade

Monday 2

Write 20 verbs from the story “Soil”

Tuesday 3


Repeat 5 times words 7­12 witth drawing

Wednesday 4


Make 3 sentences of each type: statements, questions and exclamations

Thursday 5


Study for oral and written quiz

Friday 6


3rd Grade English Homeworks May 2-6

May 2
nd – 6th
rd Grade
Reading Project due Friday 6th: In 1/4 cardboard write a biography (at least 10 sentences) about an important woman in history with drawings.
Spelling: Write a sentence for each word from the list.
Spelling: Study for Spelling quiz and Bug Club.
No class.
Science project: Bring material for a Life cycle model. You can use clay, cardboard, magazines, felt paper, recycle material, etc.


4th Grade English Homeworks May 2-6

4th Grade Elementary May 02 - 06, 2016

Monday 02
Spelling: Words with ar, or
- Complete five times, definition and drawings 1- 15

Tuesday 03
Spelling: Words with ar, or
- Complete five times, definition and drawings 16 - 25

Wednesday 04
Spelling: Words with ar, or
- Answer page 200 spelling book

Thursday 05
No classes

Reading notebook
- Journal “Art and Culture experience”

Friday 06
- Bug club

- Have fun!!!!

5th Grade English Homeworks May 2-6

Monday        2nd.  

      SPELLING    -  Repeat words 3 times with  meanings
      Choose 5 words from the list and write a long sentence  

Tuesday        3rd.  
      GRAMMAR -  Change sentence to all tenses:
      I send you a thousand kisses   
     sentence for Parts of Speech:
      Jules Verne is one of the most translated authors  and his books have been made into movies.
Wednesday 4th. 

  READING    -  Answer questionnaire   Make a drawing of the story
                                                               Find differences  
Thursday      5th.   
     N   O           S   C   H   O   O   L

Friday           6th.     
    SCIENCE      -   Find  5  facts about asteroids and 5 about meteors   make a mind map /  drawings

 * If you do not  finish your  class work,   you have to do it at home as homework. *

6th Grade English Homeworks May 2-6

After  reading the  story  Weatherwatch  find  10  words  you  do not   understand and  look  for the  meanings in the  dictionary

Spelling   repeat 5  times each  splling word and make a  drawing  and a  sentence.

Megaflash p. 94-95

Journal  / Write  about the  most  wonderful moment  you  have  passed  with  your   mother. //Bug club


sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Tareas 1° primaria del 2 al 6 de mayo


Español: Escribe un trabaleguas en tu libreta. Después, en columna escribe y separa en sílabas las palabras que estaban en tu trabalenguas.

Matemáticas: Que mamá o papá te dicte 10 números que estén entre 100 y 999.



Español: Haz la págs.145 – 146 SEP ejercicios.

Matemáticas: Haz los tres problemas de la pág. 75 de ¡Qué divertido!



Español: págs. 194 y 195 Santillana.  Forra tu libro 5° Bim. Santillana.

Matemáticas: Haz los tres problemas de la pág. 76 de ¡Qué divertido!



Español: A volar Págs. 108 -111



Español: Haz 5 ejercicios de letra cursiva, en tu libro: Así de fácil.