lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

1st Grade English Homeworks June 22-26

Tuesday 23
Spelling Journess book p.271

Wednesday 24
reading.Make a drawing about a story

Thursday 25
Grammar Mega Flas p. 124

2nd Garde English Homeworks June 22-26

June 22nd – 25th 2015.    Miss May Madrigal 2nd Grade.
Monday 22nd
Grammar: Megaflash p. 131
Tuesday 23rd

Reading: On 1/4 of cardboard make a Sign from the story

Wednesday 24th

Spelling: Repeat 5 times words 7-12 with drawing.
Bring a six pack of OREO cookies and a white plate for Science
Thursday 25th

Bug Club
Friday 26th

3rd Grade English Homeworks June 22-26

June 22nd-25th
Megaflash p. 134
Megaflash p.135
Journeys p.217 and 290.
Grammar: Write a 3 paragraph story in your notebook. Indicate the beginning, middle and end.
No class.

4th Grade English Homeworks June 22-26

4th Grade Elementary Jun. 22 - 26, 2015

Monday 22
 Study for final exams

Tuesday 23
Study for final exams

Wednesday 24
 Grammar: Adverbs of time

Copy yellow square page 123

Thursday 25
 Grammar: Modal verb could

Copy yellow square page 124 – 125

Friday  26
 Remember to read Bug Club

Have fun!!

5th Grade English Homeworks June 22-26

Miss Patty Berrones
5th Grade

Monday, June 15th,- Friday, June 26th, 2014

This two coming week no English Homework due to English and Spanish Final Exams
Study for all of them!!

6th Grade English Homeworks June 22-26

                                               6TH. GRADE   ELEMENTARY        June 22-26.  Miss Patty O.

6TH. GRADE ELEMENTARY June 22-26. Miss Patty O.
Monday 22
Study for exam
Tuesday 23
Study for exam
Wednesday 24
Study for exam
Thursday 25
Friday 26
*Remember: If you do not finish your class work, you have to do it at home as homework. *

domingo, 21 de junio de 2015

Tareas 1° primaria del 22 al 26 de junio

Leer es entender- leer la lectura y contestar las actividades menos el # 8 de las páginas 94 a 96
Elabora tres hojas de cursiva
Español Sep contesta la página 166
Matemáticas que divertido página 106
Elabora tres hojas de cursiva
Resuelve la página 80 que divertido
Español Sep páginas 184- 186 y 187